Occasionally you need to go on vacation, and taking your pets with you is just not possible. I mean, let’s face it: no one wants to take a dog with them on a cruise. First, there’s nowhere for your furry monster of a pet to go to the bathroom and the other guests would hate it if Sparky peed on the deck. Throw in the fact that there are some people who will be allergic to your pet, and his over zealous friendliness, and you may find yourself deposited on the nearest Caribbean island with no way to get home. Do yourself a favor and leave your pets behind.

While you are away on holiday, your pets can be too. Why should you get to spend time in a nice spa, or on the sea with no worries? Let your pet have the same experience by sending him to a five star pet resort. He will get pampered and played with, cleaned and fed, and get to romp around with other cats and dogs. Sending your furry companion to Animal Barn’s pet resort is like giving your pet a vacation from you. No needing to worry about good behavior, cleaning up after yourself and not getting the house dirty. That’s what your maids are for at the pet resort!