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"Gentle touch is our specialty--no pulling or yanking on our clients! 
Our groomers are experienced dog handlers who practice positive reinforcement."















Animal grooming is essential for the healthy skin of a healthy dog or cat. Our animal grooming specialists give your dogs’ baths that include shampoo, blow dry, brushing out their fur, nail trimming, anal glands, fragrance and bandanna accessorizing.  Animal grooming includes all of the above along with a cut and style by a professional groomer. 

We want to make your friend as handsome as possible and we will make sure that they are okay with our handling of them too.  Our dog wash and dog haircuts are done by the most skilled groomers, and no dog that receives one of our dog wash or dog haircuts is going to dislike their treatment.

Medicated baths are available upon request for your friends. Hot oil treatments, re-moisturizing and conditioning hair treatments are also available if you want to doll your furry friends up well enough.  We also have hypoallergenic products for pets with sensitive skin or allergies that we will use in our dog wash, and dog haircuts.

If your pet is staying at Animal Barn kennels be sure to treat him/her to a bath and/or groom. We will check your dog out of the kennel by noon saving you the cost of your dog's board for that day.  We don’t want you to feel guilty about leaving your friend behind, and we also don’t want you to suffer on their account.

Our groomers have a combined experience of over 50 years treating animals to the best styling, and pride themselves on knowing the standards of all breeds; so that each pet leaves our grooming salon looking their very best.

They make sure each and every pet is given individual attention and are always more than willing to meet with the owner to discuss options that are available for their pet. Each of our animal groomers is specialized in both clipping and hand scissoring as needed by particular breeds and are very careful not to frighten their trusting friends.  We do not want your pets to be afraid of going to the groomer, and we will ensure that they have a good time in our care.  We can dote on your pets when you shouldn’t and ensure they remain well behaved too.

Grooming is an important part of animal care services for an animal boarding facility. Not only does grooming make your pet look better, but it also cleans your pet’s fur so they are less prone to diseases and bugs in their coats. With our care for your pets’ coats you will be able to rest assured that we will treat them as if they were our own.

Our groomers have years of experience working with all different types of animals with different temperaments to ensure that they are all well cared for while we are caring for, and grooming them. We will wash and brush their fur using breed specific shampoos, file and clip your pets’ nails, as well as brush their teeth and give them the best hygienic care we can. This is a comprehensive service that we offer for our clients’ pets, and this is not just limited to dogs.

We will treat of clients’ cats to the same sort of treatments filing and clipping their nails, administering medicinal baths and brushing and cutting their fur. Cats are more difficult in many ways to care for than dogs as they are more independent, and resistant to care from others and not themselves, but our cat groomer has a special touch with cats and can work with even the most annoyed of felines.

Your pets, and especially cats, may not eagerly look forward to having us administer their grooming, but with the care that we lavish upon them and the treats and incentives we will provide during and after their treatments are completed, they will not detest you for giving them to us to groom while you are away or at work. Whether you are going to work and do not have time to groom your pet, or if you are taking a vacation your furry friend cannot come with you on, we will ensure the best treatment for your pet.


The Animal Barn grooming salon is a very busy place so please call ahead for an appointment. Hours: Monday-Saturday 8:00AM-5:00PM


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